Whitney Wolfe Herd Has A Vision For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd has made a name for herself as one of the most celebrated CEOs in tech. We don’t need to look far to realize that her work is helping create a new way to think about sating apps and what they can do. Specifically, she has made Bumble a feminist powerhouse with its focus on putting women as the ones in charge of the first move. That model is working and the company grows every single day. What was once serving just a small number of people may very well end up being the biggest one on the block.

Wolfe has made it clear that she wants Bumble to be so much more than a place to hookup. She has created Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz in order to help people meet others for reasons beyond romance. If you want to find new friends, you can do that, but if you feel like using it to find a career mentor, that’s possible as well. Bumble has the ability to become an important part in just about every part of our lives. From our jobs to our bedrooms, we’ll be using it in all sorts of places if Wolfe has the final say and more

Bumble is currently aiming to be the top dating app and it has the perfect plan to do so. Wolfe is going in by trying to give users the exact kind of experience that she believes will be best for them overall. She wants to see this take off and eventually become the standard for the industry at large. We already know this is starting to happen because Bumble is currently a billion dollar empire. It will only grow larger as it takes over the competition and leaves them unable to find so much as a niche in the market.

The success of Whitney Wolfe Herd is going to be remembered by plenty of people as it makes it clear that she has the vision for what a tech company needs to look like. She has brought her ideas to life and she has done so in a way that takes into account a lot more than money. She is a feminist using her company as a way to show her ideals. Women are the ones to make the first move and that’s something that she wants to encourage that kind of thinking in society at large.