Rocketship Education Does More Than Help its Students Reach Their Benchmarks

Rocketship Public Schools believes in the potential of their students and want to do all that they can to help their students to succeed. They believe in the potential of their students and realize that not every family is the same. Some students come from families that are struggling and are underprivileged but despite that, they can have the opportunities as everyone else and can overcome their obstacles with a little help and support.

Nashville Public Schools are starting to implement the use of the MAP assessment system to gauge how well their students are doing academically. This system can show how much students have grown over the course of the school year and as important as proficiency scores are, growth scores are also very important. Growth scores, also known as value-added scores, can determine how much a student had learned over a certain duration of time despite when they began while proficiency scores simply calculate the growth of a student over the the school year.

These MAP assessments are being utilized in over 7,400 schools all over the world, and Rocketship Public Schools have been using this system since day one. Many students come from very disadvantaged backgrounds, but Rocketship Schools are working hard to help them fill any academic gaps that they may have with one-on-one learning techniques, enrichment studies, and personalized courses.

In Nashville, there are many students struggling through school and many drop out because they have no chance of getting caught up let alone ahead. Rocketship Public Schools are trying to decrease that number by providing a structured learning environment that nurtures its students and gets parents involved to help encourage their children.

It is not always simple for students to reach their benchmarks but it is certainly not impossible. In just the past year alone, 146 Rocketship students finished their school year not only where they were aiming to be but above their grade level. Students attending Rocketship schools are getting an education that will help them to success not only in their schooling but in all other aspects of their lives as well.