Jos Auriemo Neto and The Fascinating Garden City Project He Is Building

You probably already have heard how it is to become a good leader. You know the traits of how a leader should behave, should handle the workforce or even operate his or her company. What you lack probably today are examples of such good leaders. That said, one of the more successful business leaders today whose actions have already proven their own worth is Jose Auriemo Neto, the Chairman, and CEO of the renowned and ever-growing JHSF real estate property development group.

The President’s Vision

You may already have heard more info about the beginning and motivation of Mr. Neto. What you don’t know right now is the vision that he has on why he continues to run JHSF and build structures that challenge the real estate industry. For starters, it is the vision of Mr. Neto to bring Brazil to the pinnacle of what it can be, and to bring in a real estate culture that mixes the concept of living, shopping and working, all in the same place. Through the innovation that he has with his team, and with the support of his wife and children, he will build and live in the comfortable house in the the same community project that he is developing, which is the Jardim America, also called The Garden City and more

It is a 770 square meter apartment in the Tuias Building that is integrated into a mall that would also be linked to different residential units. This is a good indication that Jose Neto really trusts his own products, because he already lives in the same apartment that he is building, showing that he trusts the foundation of his structure.

The Garden City

It’s easy to assume that the Garden City is a luxurious place filled with all the conveniences imaginable in the modern society that can come in with a huge price. However, Mr. Neto wants the place to be priced in the most reasonable manner, and this is why that the hotels, shops, and restaurants around the area are structured in a way that makes the residents both happy and satisfied with what they are investing.