Drew Madden

Drew Madden on using technology to make care giving transparent and safe

Many parts of America are experiencing a rise in cases of medical fraud. The cases mainly involve medical staff where they submit falsified reports about visits to patients. Caregivers who have been employed to go out and visit patients fail to visit the patients and falsify documents to indicate that they have visited them.

This sick practice leads to loss of lives indirectly and the employer loses money by paying for services that were not rendered. Some of the patients that caregivers have been employed to attend to are too sickly or old. As such, they cannot ascertain if the said visit took place due to poor memory often related to old age.

Most of the elderly patients may not be able to visit health centers by themselves. As such, they depend on caregivers to offer them regular medical services. The friends or relatives of the said patients may not be aware of this vice because many of them are busy in their places of work.

The patients, especially old patients, may not be able to take their medicine properly or follow up on the activities that they were prescribed by the doctor. Such patients rely on the caregivers to help them and remind them constantly on what to do.

It is essential, therefore, to ensure that this fraud is curbed. According to Drew Madden, one of the best ways to curb the fraud is by adopting technology. Technology such as electronic visit verification (EVV) can be deployed to verify visits.

Recently, the EVV technology has been deployed successfully in states such as Texas and Illinois with very good results. The Texas health and human services commission came up with a resolution that all caregivers that bill the state must use EVV. Verification has helped to weed out frauds and ultimately reduce the deaths and misery of patients.

Drew Madden is a healthcare professional who focuses on how information technology can be deployed to improve healthcare delivery. He is a graduate of University of Iowa and currently serves as the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.