Dallas Steam Energy Philanthropy Legacy

The United States and those beyond were helpless when Hurricane Harvey dropped around 56 inches of rain throughout Houston neighborhoods. The hurricane caused the area to flood as the Americans lost their homes, lives and their pets. Only one company in Dallas, Stream used their money which was earned from its great successful business in the sales of energy. Stream Energy was the first company to fund the recovery and ease the financial issues of its customers. This is not a new thing for Stream since corporate Philanthropy has been their culture. Stream Energy is a direct-selling energy firm which recently established its charity foundation by the name Stream Cares to set its current philanthropic activities across Texas and throughout the country. This one project that the company has engaged in for over 12 years.

But this Hurricane Harvey incidence, Stream Energy sales and the linked living company proved it to be the best example of the manner in which Dallas corporations are influencing philanthropy and Charity and seeing it as the most critical part of their brand as well as employing more of their money in philanthropic activities. It is relatively a new strategy for Stream Energy to establish a separate philanthropy branch since it’s a corporation of businesses. Stream provide dual benefits. This company gives back to the society as it consistently gains more recognition and honor as well as the loyalty of the capable clients and the public. The act of corporate philanthropy is usually highly publicized and high-profile. It is altruistic but executive to the practical C-level. It serves as a suitable back up whenever profits fall, scandals arise and during hard times that result in layoffs.

As per a statistical analysis, corporate America has been extraordinarily generous. For instance, the businesses offered approximately 19 billion US Dollars to several charities across America and abroad in 2016. However, this does not involve corporate sponsorships, donations of time and cause marketing, money and effort by individual employees towards their cause. Stream energy form in Dallas has developed a long-term relationship with the Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with Red Cross. Its employees and corporate leadership thrive in local and grassroots philanthropic activities.