David Zalik finds winning formula with GreenSky Credit

By the time David Zalik got to high school at the age of just 10, it had become clear to everyone helping the young student along that they were dealing with a bona fide child prodigy. Zalik was able to blaze through his high-school studies, graduating at the ripe old age of 12. From there, he was invited to Auburn University where he began studying computer science.

But after just two years of college life, the gifted young entrepreneur decided that he had seen enough of academia. He set out on his own, founding his first tech company at the age of 14. The company, called MicroTech, would become a moderately successful aftermarket computer maker. Zalik worked hard at his first company even as the successful CEO often needed to get cosigners and have other drive him around due to his young age.

By the age of 22, MicroTech had grown into a million-dollar company. Zalik received an offer to sell, and he took it. It netted him $5 million.

Big risks and big rewards

Zalik would go on to parlay that early success into an eventual fortune of $12 million by the time he was in his early 30s. It was then that he took the decision to risk every cent he had on the creation of his own fintech company, GreenSky Credit. Unfortunately for Zalik, the reason that he needed to risk his entire net worth on the fortunes of GreenSky Credit was due to the fact that the idea seemed so radical that no one wanted to invest or loan him the funds. If it would have failed, Zalik would have lost everything.

But GreenSky Credit would quickly prove its naysayers very wrong. The company started out by making large point-of-sale loans for home improvement projects. These instant loans were made available to prime borrowers. But they came on such great terms that they instantly proved to be highly popular, with very few home improvement customers being able to refuse GreenSky Credit offers.

Today, GreenSky has more than 17,000 retailers pitching its loans, and the company is doing more than $4 billion per year in loan origination.


Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and was raised in Maryland eastern shore. Ted Bauman is the editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing where he joined in 2013. He has specialized in low-risk investment strategy, asset protection, international migration, and privacy. He stays with his family in Atlanta, GA. Before he had migrated to South Africa, where he studied and graduated from the University of Cape Town with a postgraduate degree in economics and history.

He serves as the editor of Alpha Stock Plan B Club and the Bauman Letter. All through his life, he has been helping people in getting some of the resources they need to live a decent life. He has always tried to protect people from being oppressed by the government and as well protecting people from the greed of the businesses.

Ted Bauman also got a job while in South Africa where he served executive roles in non-profit firms in 25 years. He worked mostly as an account manager for affordable housing. He greatly helped people who lived in slums all over the world obtain better houses. It is approximated that he helped around 14 million people in over 30 countries. Ted Bauman is very active where he says that he wakes up very early in the morning and first takes his daughter to school, later going to his office, which is downstairs in the basement of a building. He does not waste any time when he gets there, and the work starts immediately. He does not use any commuting service but walks to his workplace.

Ted Bauman work as a writer is to write what makes people read more and more. He writes essential topics that are very easy to understand and thus people value his work. His readers have significantly increased due to his new issues across the US and the rest of the world. He mostly writes about the nature of the economy that makes people want to read more. His focus is always providing people with news that are trending across the world such as things that would affect their wealth and prosperity.

Dallas Steam Energy Philanthropy Legacy

The United States and those beyond were helpless when Hurricane Harvey dropped around 56 inches of rain throughout Houston neighborhoods. The hurricane caused the area to flood as the Americans lost their homes, lives and their pets. Only one company in Dallas, Stream used their money which was earned from its great successful business in the sales of energy. Stream Energy was the first company to fund the recovery and ease the financial issues of its customers. This is not a new thing for Stream since corporate Philanthropy has been their culture. Stream Energy is a direct-selling energy firm which recently established its charity foundation by the name Stream Cares to set its current philanthropic activities across Texas and throughout the country. This one project that the company has engaged in for over 12 years.

But this Hurricane Harvey incidence, Stream Energy sales and the linked living company proved it to be the best example of the manner in which Dallas corporations are influencing philanthropy and Charity and seeing it as the most critical part of their brand as well as employing more of their money in philanthropic activities. It is relatively a new strategy for Stream Energy to establish a separate philanthropy branch since it’s a corporation of businesses. Stream provide dual benefits. This company gives back to the society as it consistently gains more recognition and honor as well as the loyalty of the capable clients and the public. The act of corporate philanthropy is usually highly publicized and high-profile. It is altruistic but executive to the practical C-level. It serves as a suitable back up whenever profits fall, scandals arise and during hard times that result in layoffs.

As per a statistical analysis, corporate America has been extraordinarily generous. For instance, the businesses offered approximately 19 billion US Dollars to several charities across America and abroad in 2016. However, this does not involve corporate sponsorships, donations of time and cause marketing, money and effort by individual employees towards their cause. Stream energy form in Dallas has developed a long-term relationship with the Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with Red Cross. Its employees and corporate leadership thrive in local and grassroots philanthropic activities.


Jeunesse Global Various Revolutionary Products

Jeunesse a global manufacturing company of skincare products, was founded by industry innovators, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, on September 09, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. This very specific date and time signifies a profound moment in their lives because it reflected the founders’ desire for longevity and an enhancing quality of life. And this all commenced when Randy opted to go to California with Wendy to meet a doctor and have stem cell injections in his knee. While completing this procedure, Randy, along with Wendy, discovered a serum created by the doctor that he sold to his patients. It was then that Randy and Wendy decided this is a discovery that should be offered to the rest of the world. As Randy eloquently put it thereafter, “The rest is history.” They’re mission was simple: to create a positive impact in the world by helping people look and feel young while empowering them to unleash their potential.

And in order to fulfill this youth and empowerment, the company required various revolutionary products in its inventory. It did not fail in that department. Of the several products and supplements offered by the company, there are two that really helps validate their mission: Instantly Ageless and NV.

Instantly Ageless

  • Instantly Ageless – This product is a powerful micro-cream, primarily used on the face to diminish any signs of aging. More specifically, it reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and any facial pores. Applying a thin amount of cream, as instructed, will last 6 to 9 hours. The product comes in the form of 5 strips of 5 multi-use vials and cost $74.95 on the company’s website. There is also an option to save 25% by signing up for the company’s SmartDelivery system.


  • NV – Like Instantly Ageless, NV helps achieve flawless skin. The product unleashes pleasant mist by its proprietary-component spray nozzle which consists of APT-200, the primary enhancing ingredient. The desired result gives an enviable, professional airbrush finish. Priced at $55.95, the NV comes in multiple models – all with different benefits and features.


What Makeup Maven Doe Deere Can Teach Us All About Success

If you are a makeup lover, then you are probably pretty familiar with Lime Crime. Lime Crime was began in 2008 by Doe Deere. Today, she is a well known makeup maven making serious moves in the billion dollar makeup industry. Her work ethic and success is a lesson to us all. She has proven that passion and a dream can become true with hard work and dedication.

Doe Deere was able to make such a mark on the makeup world due to her creativity and love for animals. She began uploading videos of herself doing her own makeup. Eventually, fans of her videos wanted to use the exact makeup she was using on their face. The only problem was her makeup was not yet for sale on the market. So, this is when the future makeup maven to be chose to create her own makeup collection.

The task was not easy, She never expected it to be. But Doe Deere wanted to create a collection of makeup her video fans would love to wear. She worked tirelessly to create a collection that was designed to be fun and magical and take her vans to a fantasy wonderland. Not too many makeup companies were creating quality, feel good makeup that had a fairylike theme that brought out the customer’s inner unicorn.

Doe Deere made a pledge to make sure her company did not do what many makeup companies still do today. Lime Crime has never tested on animals and never plans on doing so. Her company was built on the firm foundation of the betterment and welfare of animals. Lime Crime is an advocate for animals. They make sure to stand up for animal rights and fight against the mistreatment against animals. Her company has donated time, energy and money to various charities that support animals. By being so kindhearted and create a company that is known for its brightly colored unicorn theme and love for animals, has garnered Doe Deere much respect in the makeup world. She is a true businesswoman, philanthropist and example to many aspiring business women.


Robert Deignan- Founder and CEO ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of a technology company known as ATS Digital Services. He holds a degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University. From a young age, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. It is for such reasons that he got involved in the business at an early stage. While in the university, he created his first company known as Fanlink Inc. He has spent the last two decades in technology businesses and has therefore developed experience in the management of a business and knows how to spot business opportunities.

Fanlink Inc. lasted for two years and he dissolved it. He started working with another company known as iS3 from 2002 until 2011. It is here that he learned some critical aspects of business and even got a business idea he implemented started as soon as he out of iS3.

After leaving iS3, he created Inbound Calls Experts, a company which specializes in offering customer services support to businesses. They have a global outreach, and therefore they are able to attract a lot of business.

ATS Digital Services was launched in 2011. It is a company that offers customer services. Its goal is to see the people get the highest level of customer support. By working with ATS Digital Services, you will be leaving your customers in the able hands of a company that will offer the quality services that will enable your business to retain customers.

ATS Digital Services also offers direct services. If you have any technology related problem, you can call them and seek assistance. They will provide the solution you need. They have experts who can access your computer remotely and help you resolve the problem.

Robert Deignan has established a call center that is certified by AppEsteem Corporation, an organization that approves applications. Deignan has built his career through hard work and offering the right solutions to the customers.

As technology advances, more challenges are likely to crawl up. The “Internet of Things” is one of those technologies that will bring enormous challenges to the people. ATS Digital Services is right there to help you resolve such issues.