Matt Badiali Takes Note Of Chinese Appetite For Strategic Metals

Matt Badiali is a geologist who took his talents and applied them to become a great financial analyst. He first built his reputation after investing in a resource company after the 2008 market crash, even though all his friends and family told him it was a poor investment choice. He ended up making over a 4,400 percent rate of return and he began to get recognition as a man who could pick quality resource stocks. He is the editor of the Real Wealth strategist newsletter and has helped his subscribers make very profitable investments due to his stock picks. Matt Badiali further increased his name recognition in the financial arena after he began urging average Americans to start investing in “Freedom Checks”. One of the things that set him apart from many financial analysts is that his training as a geologist taught him to investigate firsthand an investment opportunity.

Matt Badiali recently tweeted about an article relating to China and its voracious appetite for specific metals. In America, the enthusiasm for the electric vehicle has somewhat died down, but China is going all in on the electric vehicle and is optimistic about the future for this industry. Many speculators were bullish on lithium at the beginning of the year. The base metals started 2018 strong, but certain factors have put a damper on the outlook for base metals. The trade war with China and the US is causing analysts to question economic growth for both countries. There is also turmoil in the emerging markets which is also weighing down on the prospects of base metals.

A lack of confidence in the global economy will hurt base metal prices. Matt Badiali believes that many Chinese mining companies stand to gain in the long run. He has stated that in the long run, he is extremely bullish about the electric car and the impact it will eventually have. The Chinese government is going to make it a requirement that auto sales in China will be at least ten percent electric vehicles. Knowing they will have the support of their government, many Chinese miners are buying mineral deposits around the world in anticipation of the growing demand for metals like lithium, copper and other strategic metals that will be vital to the electric vehicles.