Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers and New Music

When the Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall works on an album, he wants it to have a story behind the songs that make them fit together as opposed to being completely unrelated to each other. This may be one of the reasons why his fans are so devoted to the Chainsmokers. Fans of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart’s the Chainsmokers relate to their lyrics on a deeper level than other dance music that is popular today. Their lyrics are hard-hitting and address issues that a lot of millennials face today.

Unlike most dance music, the Chainsmokers and Alex Pall deal with some serious emotional topics that most artists try to shy away from out of fear of alienating their audience. When they began their career, the Chainsmokers weren’t sure how their music would be received, but clearly, their fans love it. When they started discussing the concept for their first album, Memories… Do Not Open, the two decided that they were going to write about how they feel in an honest, open way. There may be a plethora of DJs and producers out there today, but none of them seem to pack the same emotion into their work. The lyrics may be relatable and the beats may be catchy, but it’s all on a superficial level and Alex Pall and Taggart wanted to make sure that they produced something different. Now they have achieved a level of success and popularity that they had never thought was possible in their wildest dreams.

With a platinum-selling premier album and 5 singles that have reached the top 10 Billboard charts, fans can’t wait to hear their upcoming album that should be released later in 2018. They have moved on from being just dance music to become a combination of genres that fans haven’t heard before. Dance, hip hop, pop, and indie have all effected their style dramatically. They have evolved over time to develop a darker sound with their latest releases and we’re looking forward to what is coming next.

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