Tony Petrello, A Benevolent Figure Of Houston

Anthony G. Petrello also was known as Tony Petrello is a globally known business tycoon and the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board and Executive committee of one of the leading oil and gas company Nabors Industries Limited. He is also renowned for his great philanthropic contributions.

His success is instilled in his upbringing. He is from a brilliant academic background. He was a bright student with great potential mainly in Mathematics which gave him the opportunity to study Mathematics at Yale University with the full scholarship. Then he got a degree from Harvard Law School. After education, he did many jobs and finally settled in Nabors Industries and with his excellence in the job he became the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Beside the huge success of the career of Tony Petrello, there is a tragedy in his life. His daughter Carena is suffering from neurological disorders. Tony Petrello’s wife Cynthia gave birth to a premature baby, for that Carena caught with the disease periventricular leukomalacia or PVL. This turned to cerebral palsy which delays the development of the child. Seeing the suffering of their child, Tony and Cynthia came with philanthropic contributions for children with neurological disorders. For the purpose, they donated $7 million to ‘Texas Children Hospital’. This helped the hospital to set up a special center for the children with neurological problems with a research center named ‘Jan Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute’. Being a member of Board of Trustees of ‘Texas Children Hospital’, Tony Petrello raises a handsome amount of fund, which is needed for further research and development of the neurological disorder and its treatments.

Recently a Hurricane Harvey left a devastating effect on Houston. Tony Petrello and the employees of Nabors came with great help relief to the sufferers to a great extent. A huge donation on behalf of Nabors is given as a relief fund and large volume of meals were distributed to the local families. As per Nabors, 10 percent employees of Nabors were affected by this hurricane. Nabors donated over $3 million to the affected employees and as educational scholarships to the affected employee’s children. Apart from Nabors, Tony Petrello himself did a lot for the Hurricane affected Houston. Tony and his wife Cynthia made a donation, which was truly needed for the victims to start a new life and also helped the affected to make their new homes.

Recently Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia throw a party to welcome the legendary multi-talented artist Tommy Tune back to Houston which was a huge success. Remembering the scholarship Tony Petrello got from Yale University, he started a fund of an annual prize in the memory of his teacher Serge Lang. Tony Petrello and his wife made the Petrello Family Foundation to help the people in need around them.


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  1. Perhaps should there be interest in most of the health facilities to really work hard most of the conditions could be spotted early enough. However minds this to be treated with utmost care as not to prejudge for the wrong causes. Intense study could reveal so much but I think that being passionate like Tony has been would help the future scientist.

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