Securus Technologies Helping Catch Criminals and Saving Human Lives

Being a part of a fugitive force is no small fiat. I am a part of the team that has the task of finding runaway fugitives that might have escaped prison, skipped their bail and even those that are wanted for some criminal activities. Recently, we were given a task of finding a person that was a flight risk. The said individual was involved in many local crimes and was spreading his illegal activities in other cities as well. He became our top priority as he would also help us grab some other criminals that were under our radar.


One of the critical things that we need to consider is to ensure that no innocent person is hurt due to us. We had to move in quickly to ensure that we can catch him with minimum violence to save lives. Also, we had to consider the fact that he was a hardened criminal and would not cooperate with us at any cost. We had to find him on our own and also find proofs to ensure that we can send him to jail. It was then that Securus Technologies had installed their new inmate communication system in the prison where we were able to monitor all calls coming in and going out of the prison.


The highly efficient team from Securus Technologies came in to teach us to use the system effectively. After a little research, we came to know that one of the closest family members of the criminal was in prison for a petty crime. We use this knowledge to know the whereabouts of the criminal we were after and could catch him without much violence as there was an element of surprise. Securus Technologies has been an indispensable part of our investigation now, and we are happy with the services provided by the company so far.