Scottsdale Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Describes How The Internet Of Things Can Impact Marketing

Jason Hope is a futurist, business consultant, philanthropist and investor. One of Jason’s passions is following and investing in the latest trends in technology.

Mr. Hope also contributes to where he writes about the future for the internet of things.

Mr. Hope begins to describe the internet of things as being hyped up greatly in recent years. The hype did not live up to its name. No major technology or revolutionizing gadget was released that utilized the IoT. Still, connected devices such as fitness trackers, smartphones and watches have changed our lifestyles significantly. They have created a silent revolution in many people’s lives and in technology says Jason Hope.

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Besides the silent revolution for smart phones, watches and fitness trackers, the internet of things can be creating another revolution. Jason Hope believes that the next big thing or revolution that will involve the internet of things will involve the fusion of marketing with the IoT. The internet of things can provide marketers real time and additional data about their consumers. It can also provide a better picture of the preferences, needs and behavior of consumers.

Thus, the IoT, by providing additional data through connected devices, can help make marketing more effective. Better marketing will mean more investment in marketing and additional innovation in the IoT marketing sector.

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